Some random doodling I did during some boring classes this last semester.

Prismacolor Technical Markers/Pens


This was me experimenting with ink and a bamboo stylus. My wife and I were watching a movie and I decided to try out my new stylus and the cheap blick ink I bought. I went a little crazy with the scribbles and splotches but it was fun. I think my favorite part is the hair.

Ink (some cheap one that wasn’t locked in a cabinet at the art supply store.)

I drew this while sitting on a bench at the Fashion Show Mall people watching. Everyone seemed in such a hurry. This image came to me. An individual standing still as people rushed pass becoming simply shades and shadows as the became lost in their individual pursuits.

water-soluble pencils, watercolors, & pen

In March my wife and I went to Lake Las Vegas for a weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary (two thumbs up!) While we had fun we also noticed how run down and empty the place was, it seemed to be falling apart, it was a little sad, but I did like the street lamps, they looked pretty awesome, so I decided to do a quick sketch of one the morning we left.

Graphite & Charcoal Pencils

Worked on this one night while watching Revenge of the Sith – I love that movie!

Ink, Pencil & Charcoal

So It’s been awhile since I posted anything here. I’ll be honest I was experimenting with other blog platforms but I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with wordpress. So over the next little bit I’ll be posting some stuff I’ve dont over the last couple months.

Ok, this is something I did during my lunch break today (well not just my lunch break…but mostly.) I just got some new Conte A Paris drawing pencils and a new sketchbook with a bit more tooth on the paper a little while ago and hadn’t used them yet so this was my first run with them. It took me a little bit to get use to the new pencils but I think I’m catching on. The only thing I’m not a fan of with this is the hand on the face, I kinda made it look like a skeleton hand and it’s a little small. I used a reference photo from a model (who I think does pretty great work) I found online named Alexa Snakes. She has a blog you can check here out at here. The photo was from one of her photographer friends tumblr site, which you can jump to here.


Conte Drawing Pencils in Master’s Touch Sketchbook

Waiting for class to start yesterday I did this sketch of another class studying outside – it’s not something that is usually seen at UNLV. In Las Vegas it’s either hot, hot and windy, cold, or cold and windy so classes stay inside. Yesterday was simply beautiful.

Waters-soluble pencil with mini Winsor & Newton watercolor set


Below are some thoughts on the difference between drawing and painting. You can read what it says here.

Blackwing in Handmade Journal

This was a quick sketch of some leaves I did before class, the lighting is what initially attracted me to them.  They were in a small atrium in the building across from the law school at UNLV.  It was actually a very tranquil place, mostly because there wasn’t anybody else in there. 

Blackwing in Handmade Journal


Watercolor & Pencil in Handmade Journal

For some reason I just couldn’t get into the Poets Notebook that I had started to use, it just wasn’t working for me as a sketchbook.  Instead I dug out an old handmade journal I have to use.  My Aunt Holly had originally made it for me for Christmas 2004 to use on my mission but I decided to use more conventional notebooks as my journals during that time.  This journal that my Aunt made me I had transcribed a select few entries from my journals and other writings, attempting to compile them in one place, but after a couple of entries I stopped doing it and it’s been sitting in my bookshelf not being used since.  Recently I came across the artist Charles Ritchie and was inspired by the manner in which he kept his sketchbooks.  It was basically what I had attempted to do with the Poets Notebook.  Remembering that I had a handmade journal I dug it out, removed the more personal pages I had transcribed (putting them in my other journals) and rendered a test image.  I was sitting at my kitchen table and I saw my bag on the floor across the room so my bag became my subject.  The paper hold pencil pretty well as long at it’s not to detailed and watercolor works magnificently, the paper doesn’t bleed or turn wavy or get waterlogged.  I decided to write in cursive (I normally print) because it looks better with drawings.

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