Still Life

Its been a couple of months since my last post. It hasn’t been because of lack of projects. The new semester at UNLV started in january. Apart from my graphic design classes, I’m also taking another painting class, a life drawing class (which I’m really excited about) and an art history class focusing on art since 1945. I admit I’m not a huge fan of most contemporary art styles but I do enjoy learning why artists do the things they do.

Anyway, here are the rest of the paintings that I worked on last semester. The first is a still-life from objects around our house. The second in a master copy of a self-portrait of Eugene Delacroix. The third is another still-life inspired by the artist Frank Krifka and the Baroque tradition of heavy darks and lights.


Oil on Canvas Paper

Here is my first larger oil painting, after the three studies I was working on. This is the painting the studies were for. I’m happy with how it came out, especially the reflection of the orange in the bottom of the vase. Below is a progression of the painting throughout the layers.The biggest change from the first couple layers and the last was by far the vase with the fruit. Other than that I softened the shadows in the white cloth and darkened some of the shadows in the red.

In preparing for a larger painting, here is an oil study of a hanging cloth. I chose to focus on the knot. Below is the finished study. I also included a picture showing the progress of the study throughout the three layers. I had a hard time with the background (green) drape that was hanging behind the knot. It seemed like i couldn’t find the correct green or get the folds and small nuances of the cloth right, but overall I’m happy with the way it turned out.

 Here is the finished study of the reflexive objects. It was done in three layers, the first was a monochromatic layer in a neutral color focusing on the opaque areas of the still-life. The second I added color and defined the main objects a bit more. This third layer involved more a little more color, finishing defining the objects, cooling down the study and adding transparent colors.

Here is a side by side of the first and second layers. You can see the huge difference between the two.


I’d like to announce that I have opened up a twitter feed for this blog! To check out the progress of future painting and their various layers as well as the sketches and drawing that don’t make it onto this blog follow me  @ibrandonwaite

Here are some sketches I did last semester between classes. These are from figurines at the Marjorie Barrack Museum. Done with Pencil, Pen, and Watercolors.

Maya Ceremonial Vessel
Jester God – Emblem of Rulership
Peten, Guatemala
AD 600-900

Veracruze Culture.
The Gulf of Mexico.
AD 600-900

Maya Ceremonial Vessel
Huehueteotl – Old God
El Salvador
AD 600-900

Watercolor & Pencil in Handmade Journal

For some reason I just couldn’t get into the Poets Notebook that I had started to use, it just wasn’t working for me as a sketchbook.  Instead I dug out an old handmade journal I have to use.  My Aunt Holly had originally made it for me for Christmas 2004 to use on my mission but I decided to use more conventional notebooks as my journals during that time.  This journal that my Aunt made me I had transcribed a select few entries from my journals and other writings, attempting to compile them in one place, but after a couple of entries I stopped doing it and it’s been sitting in my bookshelf not being used since.  Recently I came across the artist Charles Ritchie and was inspired by the manner in which he kept his sketchbooks.  It was basically what I had attempted to do with the Poets Notebook.  Remembering that I had a handmade journal I dug it out, removed the more personal pages I had transcribed (putting them in my other journals) and rendered a test image.  I was sitting at my kitchen table and I saw my bag on the floor across the room so my bag became my subject.  The paper hold pencil pretty well as long at it’s not to detailed and watercolor works magnificently, the paper doesn’t bleed or turn wavy or get waterlogged.  I decided to write in cursive (I normally print) because it looks better with drawings.

Sorry for the quality of the picture, I took it with the camera on my blackberry which does not take very good pictures.  It was all I had though. Anyway, this was the first assignment in my 3D Design Class.  We did some prelim sketches (not shown) and came up with a design using dominant, subdominant & subordinate pieces.  The design requirement was that it was an asymmetrical piece as opposed to a symmetrical piece.  We used blue movie foam to put it together and then we had to do two drawings of it from different angles.

Blue Foam. Pencil on Cheap Paper (and a coke)

I drew this yesterday during my lunch break. It was mainly to experiment with my sketch & wash pencils since I have never really done the “wash” part before.  I like the effect, it makes everything a bit smoother.  I’m definitely going to need some time to figure out how to use them properly though.

Sketch & Wash Pencil in Sketchbook

Quick sketch of a sandwich from Capriatti’s I had for lunch awhile back.

Pen in Sketchbook

Ashley and I went to dinner at Romano’s Macaroni Grill for our date night tonight.  The best part about the place is that they put paper on top of the table cloth and provide crayons so you can draw while your waiting for dinner! Anyway, I decided to sketch the mantel and bottles on top of it above the table across from us.

Pen (on Romano’s Macaroni Grill table paper – So cool!)

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