It has been WAY to long. But fear not, I am back, and just so you don’t think I’ve been slacking off on my creative endeavors here are some things to feast your eyes upon that I’ve done during my not-so-little hiatus.



So, here is a sketch of my current art history teacher (drawn out of boredom) and some notes I took between doodles.

(Oil on Aluminum & Wood)

This is the latest painting up to date, just completed it a little over a week ago. I was thinking upon the lines of spirituality. I wanted to paint something that didn’t have to do with religion or personal beliefs but something that people could relate to.

 I started thinking about the idea of a sanctuary. Everybody has a place where they feel safe and secure. A place where they go to escape from the world. Most people its their home or more specifically their bedroom. Growing up my bedroom was a sanctuary, I image it was that way for most people. So I decided to paint a sanctuary. I had my wife pose for some photos when the sun was coming through the window so that I could capture the natural light.

I also wanted to work with a non-traditional surface space for this painting, and I drink ALOT of soda, so I saved some soda cans and when I had bag full I cut the tops and bottoms off, and flattened them out. I then scratched them up with a brillo pad and used a hot glue gun to paste them to a wooden board.

I liked the idea of aluminum as a surface related to spirituality because of the inherent reflection that aluminum has. I decided to use wood as a background in order to signify a persons raw substance and also use it as a natural frame. I didn’t prime it or prepare it in any way.

Painting on aluminum was a new experience. It was very difficult the first couple of layers, the paint kept coming off the aluminum if my brushstrokes where to hard. I had to finally stop and let the paint dry for about a week. I switched to

somesofter brushes which I don’t usually use and that with the dryer paint seemed to help a lot. Throughout the process some of the paint went over the edges of  the aluminum onto the wood and I decided that I liked the way it looked, very raw and unfinished compared to the actual image so I decided to not worry about trying to stay within the aluminum borders.

I’m happy with the way the final layers turned out, I think it has a very surrealistic or dreamy look to it, and considering the concept I think that it is appropriate.

This painting was a critique on modern societies obsession with all things apocalyptical and zombies. I used my own wife as a model to work from. We had a picture from Halloween that I used. It’s only the second face I’ve ever painted, so considering that, I don’t think it turned out to bad.

This first image is the finished painting

These next images are the first layer.

Here is a close-up of the nose and mouth which I am particularly proud of,


This is a quick sketch (done in the near darkness of the classroom) of my current art history professor (she reminds me of Cruella de Vil’s not evil twin).

Done with mechanical pencil in sketchbook.

Alrighty, so about a week and a half ago I made my first sketchbook! Over the course of a couple weeks whenever my wife and I went grocery shopping I asked for paper bags instead of plastic. Then I did my own recycling of the paper bags. I cut them up into long squares, folded them in half and sowed them together with some wax string. I glued part of a put up coke-can box to the front and back flaps for covers. All in all i’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

And here is the first drawing I’ve done in it. Its a portrait of my wife, Ashley. I really like how the colors turn out with the brown colored paper. I had to crop the image of the portrait so the quality isn’t that great.

I bought a new book awhile back called “Anatomy for the Artist” by Sarah Simblet. It is an awesome book. This is a study drawing I did using one of the photographs in the book as reference.

Pencil in Sketchbook

Here are some quick portrait sketches that I did during our vacation in Oregon a few weeks ago.
Pencil in Sketchbook
Bill Murphy a.k.a White Buffalo – Is my wife’s birth-dad and is a very accomplished glass blower. This sketch was done while he was creating a glass figurine. Check him out here.
Pencil in Sketchbook
This is my wife’s Grandpa on her Dad’s side. I drew this while we were watching an old western and chatting.








These are some portrait sketches I did awhile back. I was experimenting with my first fountain pen. I used my waterbrushes to create the blended affect.

My wife had taken some pics of herself as references for a drawing she was going to do and they were up on the wall above my desk so I decided to give one a shot. I used ink, a bamboo stylus, and some ink brushes.

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