It has been WAY to long. But fear not, I am back, and just so you don’t think I’ve been slacking off on my creative endeavors here are some things to feast your eyes upon that I’ve done during my not-so-little hiatus.


Practice using my pochade box. Alla Prima style based off of an old photo from my time in guatemala. It is an old run-down pier in the port city of Puerto San Jose.


Oil on Canvas Paper

More randoming drawings with the prismacolor maker pen things, I was really bored in math class that day.

These drawings were tons of fun, I used the smallest technical pen I had (.005) for all of them. I was walking around campus and saw some guy sitting outside the law school and he was smoking a tabacco pipe, I don’t think I ever remember seeing anyone use one of those except in movies, so I decided to incorporate that in a drawing somehow, and the rest of it just happened.

Here are some close-ups.

Prismacolor Technical Pen/Marker Thingy

In March my wife and I went to Lake Las Vegas for a weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary (two thumbs up!) While we had fun we also noticed how run down and empty the place was, it seemed to be falling apart, it was a little sad, but I did like the street lamps, they looked pretty awesome, so I decided to do a quick sketch of one the morning we left.

Graphite & Charcoal Pencils

Waiting for class to start yesterday I did this sketch of another class studying outside – it’s not something that is usually seen at UNLV. In Las Vegas it’s either hot, hot and windy, cold, or cold and windy so classes stay inside. Yesterday was simply beautiful.

Waters-soluble pencil with mini Winsor & Newton watercolor set


Below are some thoughts on the difference between drawing and painting. You can read what it says here.

Blackwing in Handmade Journal

This was a quick sketch of some leaves I did before class, the lighting is what initially attracted me to them.  They were in a small atrium in the building across from the law school at UNLV.  It was actually a very tranquil place, mostly because there wasn’t anybody else in there. 

Blackwing in Handmade Journal


 I’ve always thought the FDH  (Flora Dungan Humanities) building at UNLV looked pretty cool.  It was completed in 1972, and at 7 floors UNLV’s website claims it as the tallest building on the campus.  The FDH is where all of the administrative offices are located. This is the view from the balcony study area of building C in the WRI buildings. I started this last night before my math class began and finished adding color today. I used sketch & wash pencils, my small Winsor & Newton watercolor set and my Niji Waterbrush.

Pencil & Watercolor in Canson Sketchbook

After stopping at McDonald’s for a quick lunch, I went to a park up the street from where I work since it was nice outside.  I thought one of the trees looked pretty awesome, since it was practically growing sideways, so here is a quick sketch.

Pencil in Sketchbook

For lunch today, instead of spending money on food when I wasn’t really hungry, I took my hour break to sketch a little bit.  The Home Depot by my works office always has a bunch of (being politically correct) Latins sitting and standing around at the back of the parking lot hoping somebody will need some manual labor.  So, I parked my car and started sketching, here is what I got.

Sketch&Wash Pencil in Canson Sketchbook

Sketch&Wash Pencil in Canson Sketchbook

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