(Oil on Aluminum & Wood)

This is the latest painting up to date, just completed it a little over a week ago. I was thinking upon the lines of spirituality. I wanted to paint something that didn’t have to do with religion or personal beliefs but something that people could relate to.

 I started thinking about the idea of a sanctuary. Everybody has a place where they feel safe and secure. A place where they go to escape from the world. Most people its their home or more specifically their bedroom. Growing up my bedroom was a sanctuary, I image it was that way for most people. So I decided to paint a sanctuary. I had my wife pose for some photos when the sun was coming through the window so that I could capture the natural light.

I also wanted to work with a non-traditional surface space for this painting, and I drink ALOT of soda, so I saved some soda cans and when I had bag full I cut the tops and bottoms off, and flattened them out. I then scratched them up with a brillo pad and used a hot glue gun to paste them to a wooden board.

I liked the idea of aluminum as a surface related to spirituality because of the inherent reflection that aluminum has. I decided to use wood as a background in order to signify a persons raw substance and also use it as a natural frame. I didn’t prime it or prepare it in any way.

Painting on aluminum was a new experience. It was very difficult the first couple of layers, the paint kept coming off the aluminum if my brushstrokes where to hard. I had to finally stop and let the paint dry for about a week. I switched to

somesofter brushes which I don’t usually use and that with the dryer paint seemed to help a lot. Throughout the process some of the paint went over the edges of  the aluminum onto the wood and I decided that I liked the way it looked, very raw and unfinished compared to the actual image so I decided to not worry about trying to stay within the aluminum borders.

I’m happy with the way the final layers turned out, I think it has a very surrealistic or dreamy look to it, and considering the concept I think that it is appropriate.


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