Learning to Paint in Oil

 This semester I am taking an Oil Painting class which I am excited about even though its difficult to share my enthusiasm about oil painting because it requires so much patience and attention. While there are many different techniques for painting in oil the most common (and traditional) method is painting in layers. Because the painting is done in layers it is not something that should be rushed or can be completed in one sit down. This method appeals to me. It requires planning and structure and organized thought, which are all things that I thrive on in order to create meaningful art. I have never been the stereotypical “messy artist” with an unorganized studio or messy work space ready to create a masterpiece at any time. I enjoy clean areas and organized supplies and a plan to create my art, and that is what traditional oil painting is all about. So here are some photos of the Oil studies I have been working on the last couple of weeks.

Still-life study with a focus on the Reflective objects in Oil – Second Layer

First Oil Painting EVER – Still life focus on fruit.

 Zoom on the Pear…because I really like the Pear.

  1. PictureS said:

    Check out my blog, it may be useful in your study of Oil Painting.

    • BW said:

      Will do! thanks for you interest

  2. infinite monkey theorem said:

    Nice work! I’m trying to learn to use oils too! Not as much transfer of technique from drawing to painting as I would have liked, but the challenge is very engaging!

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