Oh Me, Oh My…

Ok, this is something I did during my lunch break today (well not just my lunch break…but mostly.) I just got some new Conte A Paris drawing pencils and a new sketchbook with a bit more tooth on the paper a little while ago and hadn’t used them yet so this was my first run with them. It took me a little bit to get use to the new pencils but I think I’m catching on. The only thing I’m not a fan of with this is the hand on the face, I kinda made it look like a skeleton hand and it’s a little small. I used a reference photo from a model (who I think does pretty great work) I found online named Alexa Snakes. She has a blog you can check here out at here. The photo was from one of her photographer friends tumblr site, which you can jump to here.


Conte Drawing Pencils in Master’s Touch Sketchbook

  1. Alex K.S. said:

    This is pretty dang nifty, thank you!

    • BW said:

      No, thank you!

  2. sharlyn said:

    holy sh*t!! this is amazing! so happy you were able to draw inspiration from our work! so touched! thank you!

    • BW said:

      Hi Sharlyn, I think your photos are pretty awesome, keep it up! and thank YOU for the inspiration!

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