The Poet’s Notebook

After having this notebook for years on end (and I mean like 6+ years) I have decided that I am going to use it as my next sketchbook/notebook. Normally my sketchbook and my notebook are two completely different books. My sketchbooks have always been the bigger 9″x12″ size while my notebook have been the 3 1/2″ by 5″ ruled pocket-sized Moleskine (as a side note – I have been using the Moleskine notebooks since  before they were popular.) Lately I have become increasingly less and less impressed with the direction the Moleskine has gone, and since I have started sketching more in public I thought it would be nice to use a slightly smaller sketchbook.  It was only a slight jump to decide and combine them…or try to at any rate.  I don’t know if it will work, but we will find out. 

Some might wonder why I’ve had a blank book sitting around for over 6 years, but the answer is actually very simple.  I collect blank books.  I almost have an entire bookshelf worth of blank books or books I’ve written on only a couple of pages.  I’ve decided that It’s probably time to start using some of them.

This one is called “The Poet’s Notebook” and was published by Running Press.  The notebooks creator is David Stanford Burr.  The book is 6 7/10″ by 10″ and has a dark creamy colored paper.  There are also quotes about poetry other things related to it on almost every page, which is pretty cool.


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