Peeps in Art History

Last night, as I was suffering through my non-western art history class, I decided to ease my own pain and did a sketch of some of the people from my class that were sitting in front of me.  I used my sketch & wash pencil first (for more practice) and then I added some color with my small Winsor & Newton watercolor set and my Niji Waterbrush.  Good stuff, although the paper in sketchbook got a bit wavy from the water.

Pencil & Watercolor in Sketchbook

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have just started experiementing with both S&W pencils and aquabrushes. Still not sure abot S&W but like the aquabrushes.

    • BW said:

      The S&W pencils are hard to get use too, but they’re growing on me!

  2. B said:

    Hey, You just liked my blog before I think 🙂 Thanks!

    But you have no idea how crazy this is that I’ve come here! You’ve totally inspired me to start learning to sketch. I really love your style – especially this picture and the one of the building above… I think I like the water colours and the carefree pencil strokes. Really good man, these are great. I’m going to find a good art class when I move shortly, and learn to sketch! Done.

    Thanks a bunch 🙂 from B –

    • BW said:

      Thanks! I think its awesome that my art could inspire you! It totally happens to me when I see other peoples stuff. Good luck with you move, hope everything goes smoothly and that you can find a great art class!

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